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Income Insurance Coverage, Get Income Coverage For Truck DriversSo you have finally obtained a 24/7 worldwide income insurance coverage Australia policy from a reliable insurer. Now what? Should you just sit back and take it easy knowing that you have needed protection in place? To a conscientious truck owner-operator or a small-scale fleet owner, the idea of a safety net like insurance should be considered as a medium of last resort. With more and more clients or customers demanding fast and just-in-time deliveries, the growing number of nighttime road breakdowns are also rising.

  • What to do then, when business clients demand access to their wares whenever they want them? What should be done to ensure safety of your driver-employees or yourself as driver-operator, and prevent catastrophic damages to your vehicles? With a new era on just-in-time services, adequate ssteps must be done to ensure safe and secure delivery of goods. Aside from having a dependable Australia 24/7 worldwide income insurance coverage, it is prudent to know how to manage nighttime breakdowns and more so, in ensuring its non-recurrence.

  • Have an airtight preventive maintenance system in place. Routine checks on a monthly or quarterly basis can help identify and correct minor issues preventing them from blowing into huge disasters. Through this, one can also craft needed changes or replacements of critical equipment in a vehicle thereby, increasing its life expectancy.

  • Do a 360-degree inspection on every pit stop. Long haul driving exposes trucks to various elements of nature and man-made follies. Defects like flat tire or insufficient brake fluid can usually be identified while you’re in a fuel stop. Addressing them while in a fuel terminal, which often have repairs services on the side, will make matters easier to manage and less costly to the business purse.

  • Checking of fuel and fluid levels is also a must. While the 360-degree inspection will routinely verify any problems with vehicle extremities, inside checks must be subsequently done. Long hauls often deplete fuel and critical fluids like oil and coolant for brake, engine, transmission and power steering. Any suspected leakage must be immediately addressed to prevent further damage to the truck.

  • For actual roadside breakdowns, it is best to move your truck as far from the traffic as possible. Hazard lights must be turned on and hood raised. Hang a high-viz cloth on your antenna or out the driver seat window. Stay in the car but get out if something smells burning. Do wear a reflective vest and set needed reflectors at least 30 feet of behind your truck. Call 911 calmly carefully relaying needed information. Should you figure in an accident, do inform your insurance company (and this is where 24/7 coverage comes in) ASAP.

  • Do post-breakdown analysis. Check underlying causes and re-assess preventive maintenance procedures. Address needed repairs or updates.

At some point, a long haul truck driver will experience nighttime roadside breakdown. One may run out of fuel or sweat bullets over engine trouble or worse, figure in an accident. It’s going to be a scary experience particularly when the weather is not in your favor. The idea is to prevent these worst-case scenario from happening and to come prepared mentally and physically should they inevitably happen. To come fully protected, learn more about 24/7 worldwide income insurance coverage Australia policy. Call our hotline or ask for an online quote now.