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4 Mistakes That You Must Avoid When Buying a Food Truck Insurance Policy

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Unlike any purchase of goods or services, buying a food truck insurance policy requires careful assessment before expressing interest to an insurance company. If your objective is to get the ideal insurance policy for your vehicle’s protection coverage needs, I recommend you avoid committing these 4 mistakes.

  1. Falling in love with the first offer

One of the common mistakes that buyers, particularly first time buyers, commit when looking for a food truck insurance policy is falling in love with the first offer from any insurer they meet. Wherever possible, never put yourself in a situation where you make a quick decision because everything seems to fall into places like without any effort finding a perfect insurance company in the directory listing. I suggest you take time to learn about the background of the insurance company where you plan to buy the insurance policy.

  1. Not having enough time to do research

Even if you are in a hurry to get your van insured, never commit this mistake of not having enough time to do research. Buying a food truck insurance policy is a major decision involving your money, so it’s imperative that you spend some quality time to do relevant research about the type of insurance that is ideal for you, the prevailing prices in the marketplace, as well as the top insurers that provide a wide range of insurance products. In the event you are too busy attending to your catering business and can’t do your own the research, hire an insurance broker to be your representative in discussions with prospective insurers about your potential food truck insurance policy.

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  1. Lack of knowledge about your rights as a prospective client

Among the mistakes that a first time buyer of a food truck must not commit at all costs, is lack of knowledge about your rights as a prospective client. Keep in mind, most insurance companies offer free consultations to all prospective clients interested in buying their insurance products. In fact, there are also insurers giving free insurance quotes online to help busy customers decide quickly.

  1. Delaying your decision making

The longer you are on the road driving the food truck without an insurance policy, the higher the chances of being involved in an unpredictable event. Incidents like road collision, theft or vandalism, can leave you completely vulnerable to financial losses, physical harm or worse, having to face a third party claiming liability. Don’t commit the mistake of delaying your decision, especially if your proposed insurance policies are laid out and just waiting for your final selection. Once you have all the information, decide fast because exposure to unforeseen events will only result in bigger problems such as having to pay from your personal savings, the medical bills of a third party involved in a road collision that is your fault.

Don’t let your food business face temporary foreclosure due to your negligence in not buying a comprehensive food truck insurance policy. Consult an insurance broker for a solid advice on how to get started with your search for a dependable insurance policy. Growing your food business is just a matter of making the right decisions and it all starts with your chosen insurance policy.

When you have purchased or are in the process of purchasing your food truck, you will need to organise insurance straight away. To get personalised and professional Food Truck Insurance quotes from our specialist insurance advisers call Truck Insurance HQ on 1300 815 344 or go online and our Food Truck Insurance advisers will call you back.



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