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If you operate a reefer truck it is important that you understand some of the unique challenges and risks to your business. To mitigate these risks you need to choose the right insurance plan that has been tailored to your requirements. Here we take a look at five things that your reefer truck insurance covers.

#1 Physical Damage – When you are involved in a collision your truck can sustain severe damage. The damage tends to multiply if the accident involves a reefer truck because of the costly refrigeration equipment on board that calls for expensive repairs. So when you are choosing reefer truck insurance plan always look for physical damage cover. That protection coverage would take care of all the damage your vehicle has undergone and ensure that you are back on the road in the quickest time possible

#2 Liability Coverage – Statistics suggest that this is the most exercised benefit option among the trucking community. If you damage your client’s premises while parking your truck or meet with an accident while driving with the cargo, there is no escaping; you would have to bear the cost of repairs for damage to their vehicles, property and also medical bills. This is the reason liability coverage is mandatory for all vehicles on the road.

#3 Cargo Damage – There are two things that you always carry as a trucker, your cargo and the trust of your clients. In the event of an accident there is the possibility of substantial damage to the cargo. Apart from accidents you may also be a victim of theft or vandalism and in such cases, without cargo coverage you would have to bear huge out-of-pocket expenditure that can even put you out of business. So always look for cargo coverage in your refrigerated van insurance.

#4 Theft – How often have you heard tales of a truck being stolen when the crew was resting during an overnight haul? Such incidents can land a killer blow to your life and business. Therefore you should take preventive measures to minimise the impact of such disrupting events. If you opt for a comprehensive insurance plan for your reefer truck or chiller trailer you are saved from such nightmares. Without this coverage you have too much at stake.

#5 Reefer Failure – While we have listed it at the bottom of the list, this is one coverage that you cannot ignore at any cost. You have been driving the cargo to the destination and midway your refrigeration equipment fails. There are no prizes for guessing that when your refrigeration equipment stops functioning, the result can be total loss of the cargo as these goods need to be transported in controlled environment. This is a problem unique to truckers who operate reefer trucks and this insurance cover option would compensate your clients for the loss of their goods.

To find the right plans and stay protected you would need to choose a reputable insurance company that offers you policies tailored to your needs. It is important that you discuss your needs with a professional and experienced broker as they would help you choose the right policies.

In this article you have read about five areas of cover that your reefer truck insurance policy must have and by mitigating all kinds of risks, how they can benefit your business. For any more advice, quotes please call Truck Insurance HQ  on 1300 815 344 or go online and one of our specialist insurance advisers will call you back.