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When you are involved deeply in any industry, you will find immense differentiation that a majority of casual eyes will miss: it is possible to be an expert in almost everything. However, few businesses are as differentiated and regulated as widely as commercial truck services. Therefore, the commercial truck insurance industry is extremely diverse.


Commercial trucks are utilized in so many different capacities. The industry is thoroughly regulated by law at both the state and Federal levels. What’s more, shippers’ demands, safety standards, and commercial standards regulate the industry further.

Safety is a primary issue. Therefore, few businesses need as many insurance policies as commercial trucks need to own. Mentioned below are some of the most common insurance types offered by truck insurance brokers.

1. Primary Liability

This liability is the most common when it comes to truck insurance in Australia. It is similar to policies that all individuals hold as automobile insurance carriers. Law makes this type of insurance mandatory, which represents the dollar amount that the insurer will have to shell out in case of property damage or injury to the body caused by a commercial truck if an accident occurs.

2. Comprehensive Coverage

This type of coverage is not mandatory under the law; however, it is vital for most motor carriers as it provides coverage for damage to their trucks in case of an accident or even theft and fire.

3. Bobtail Insurance

This type of commercial truck insurance is apt for independent operators or owners. A majority of contracted truckers are covered by the truck insurance of the motor carrier. Bobtail insurance is offered by truck insurance brokers. They include affordable and easy policies to ensure the operator’s rig and assets when employers do not offer insurance.

4. General Freight

The list of cargo insurance policies could stretch up to many pages. This is because many laws have specified the necessary coverage amounts for commonly-hauled goods, including fuel and hazardous material. A general freight policy is a cost-effective option for numerous motor carriers who generally transport non-hazardous commercial goods.

5. Trailer Interchange

It is hard to believe that trailer interchange insurance additionally covers trailers that do not belong to you. It is quite a common practice in the world of commercial trucking to complete hauls on behalf of other truckers. Such agreements are extremely beneficial between companies in terms of finance because they save on labor and fuel. This type of insurance policy provides coverage for the assets of the cooperating company.

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