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All drivers including owners running a trucking business know how costlysave on truck insurance truck insurance are getting these days. No, wander every truck owner is trying everything they can to save money. Here are 7 handy tips on how to save. Hopefully, following these expert tips will help reduce your insurance costs.

Compare Quotes

Begin by comparing truck insurance quotes. Doing so will allow you to unearth low-cost Spend a little time comparing free quotes that companies publish in newspapers, magazines, as well as online. That will give you an idea of the prevailing rates.

Augment Your Deductible (Excess)

Try to keep your insurance deductible a bit higher. For instance, if you can augment the deductible from $250 to $1,000 you allow yourself to save almost 40% on your premium. You will have to pay extra out-of-pocket, should you need to file a claim. However, the savings will offset the additional costs.

Buy Both Your Home and Truck Policies From the Same Carrier

By opting for a single carrier both for your home and policies you can save money. That way you’ll end up saving nearly 15% on both premiums.

Money Can be Saved By Cutting Down Mileage

You can get a substantial discount by driving fewer miles, regardless of whether it is due to fluctuating fuel prices or a change in your commute. If you can keep your annual mileage down you become eligible for varied discounts that insurance companies offer to drivers.

Make Premium Payment In Full

This is another way to reduce the costs. By making upfront payment of the entire insurance premium you get up to a 15% discount.

Opt for Electronic Funds Transfer

This is a smart way to save a little money. Since the cheque processing fee is waived when you make payment through EFT, you save money in this transaction.

Get Your Personal Car and Truck Insured From The Same Carrier

By insuring your personal vehicle and truck with a single carrier, you become eligible to get a multi-policy discount. Use this option to save money 

Lastly, if your business is seasonal get a seasonal insurance policy. This is a good way to save money while eliminating breaks in your coverage.

The above given ways about how to save have been collected from the experts; hundreds of trucking businesses all over Australia follow them to reduce their insurance costs.

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