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Road Train Insurance, Truck Insurance, Truck Insurance QuotesOne of the greatest fears of drivers driving large vehicles like the AB-quad trailer is being involved in a minor road accident. If you strongly feel that you are prone to this kind of mishap, perhaps reading this advice will give you ideas on how to deal calmly this challenging and frightening situation.

  • Stay alert

If you have been accidently bumped by another vehicle while driving on the main highway, stay alert and look for potential signs of danger before getting off the driver’s seat. Make sure you had that chance to memorise the plate number, type of vehicle and other distinguishing marks that could help you recognise the vehicle in the event the driver decided to run off. Call for immediate road assistance the soonest possible time. If you have your mobile, take a photo of the vehicle.

  • Make sure nobody is hurt

After a major collision your first priority is to make sure nobody is hurt. If you are driving alone, do a quick check on your head, arms and legs. If you have a companion, check on his or her well-being by doing a physical on them. If you are feeling a bit dizzy or have any bad injuries call for medical assistance. If the other driver is also hurt after the collision, request fellow drivers passing by to stop and provide assistance. You may also like to wave down people immediately after the incident to stay as witnesses until the police arrive.

  • Notify your insurance broker immediately

Amidst the chaos, it’s your responsibility to notify your AB-quad trailer insurance broker about the incident. If you aren’t hurt, take the necessary photos of your vehicle, any physical injuries suffered by yourself, your companion or any other persons involved.

  • Provide the necessary supporting documents as proof

If you want to ensure your AB-quad trailer insurance broker will fast track the processing of your insurance claim, provide the necessary supporting documents gathered during the collision like photos, statements from witnesses, police reports and even any medical reports issued by your attending physician at the time of the accident.

There you have it, the most helpful tips to help you remain calm and in control of the situation. Should there ever be an incident where the driver of the other vehicle drove off ensure you have photos and registration detail to make sure that person pays the consequences of his or her actions. I recommend you call your AB-quad trailer insurance broker at the earliest convenient time to make them aware of the situation so that they can gather the necessary forms required to process your claim. Providing you are covered with a comprehensive AB-quad trailer insurance policy, there’s no reason for you to panic. Stay calm because your insurance broker will do everything to ensure you are well compensated from this unpredictable event.

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