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Road transport is essential to the Australian economy, with goods being moved over vast parts of the country.  Australia uses very large trucks for its road transport network.  Common configurations of trucks are dual drive axles and 3 trailer axles, with four wheels on every axle.  A single semi-trailer can have 22 wheels, much more than what other countries have.  For long haul transport, B doubles are used with 2 trailers. So it’s necessary to have a Articulated Trailer Insurance.

Articulated trailers come in various sizes and shapes and are used for multiple purposes. There are dump trucks, refrigerated trucks, long haul trucks, jinkers, flat tops and more.  Beginning in 2007, B-triple trucks were authorised to operate on designated roads.  Much of the country’s long haul freight is carried on articulated trucks, particularly B Double semi-trailers that have two articulation points.

Although the country’s road transport safety standard is relatively high, there have been many incidents of driver injuries, vehicle damage or breakdown, collisions, and others that pose serious risks to the transport industry.  With such incidents come heavy expenditures that could negatively affect a company’s cash flow and bottom line.

The majority of drivers and operators squirm at the mention of insurance costs but in the long run, it may be the saving grace of your business.  Articulated Trailer  insurance is necessary to ensure that an operator or owner would be able to shoulder expenses for accident claims, vehicle repairs, vehicle substitution, lost or damaged cargo, and legal liabilities.

Certain technological, economic, and regulatory changes, together with strong competition, affect the trucking industry and its players.  Predictions for the industry remain bright, with an expected surge in market demand to more than double until 2030.  Make sure your business is poised for these opportunities with good insurance cover in place.

Learn how you can protect your future from the many risks you face on the road, go online to request the most affordable quote from Australia’s leading insurers, or if you prefer personalised advice, simply call us at Truck Insurance HQ on 1300 815 344 and speak with our Truck and Transport specialists for your articulated trailer insurance needs.

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