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Tandem Axle DollyDriving a tandem axle dolly requires focus. One of your concerns when driving this vehicle is being distracted. There are some excellent approaches to avoid any form of distraction and reduce the likelihood of being involved in a major collision or accident. Below are some of the quick steps to ensure you are mentally alert while on a road trip and sitting in the driver’s seat.

Step #1 – Plan your route ahead of time

If you don’t want to be distracted while driving on the road by reading a map or checking the nearest route to your final destination, I recommend you plan your route ahead of time. Why? This will give you enough time to become familiar with the ideal route and not to end up getting lost. If you are still unsure of which direction to take, better pullover to a safe parking area, review your map reader for guidance.

Step #2 – Secure your load properly

Another cause of distraction is to keep checking the load you are carrying in your tandem axle dolly. If you want to make sure no equipment or item becomes loose as you drive on bumpy road, secure your load properly and check it thoroughly before you leave for any unsecured binding material like rope or heavy chains.

Step #3 – Don’t be tempted to use your mobile phone while driving

Among the items that can distract you while driving is your mobile phone. Don’t be tempted to answer a call or send somebody a quick text message. If you feel the need to call somebody, better find a safe place where you are allowed to park. Remember, one of the major causes of reported accidents on the road is the driver using a mobile phone.

Step #4 – Wear comfortable clothes

Sometimes the clothes you are wearing could impede your driving performance. I suggest you wear comfortable clothes suitable for the season. For example, if you are driving your tandem axle dolly during the scorching temperatures of Australia’s summer months, wear clothes that are not too tight or too thick Pick clothes from your wardrobe that will allow air to flow easily and sweat to dry quickly.

Step #5 – Wear the right size and type of work shoes

Yes, definitely a must when driving the tandem axle dolly for a long distance road trip; wear the right size and type of work shoes. Keep in mind, even the slightest form of discomfort could lessen your focus while driving.

Step #6 – Eating while driving is not allowed

When you are in the driver seat, it’s your responsibility to be mentally alert at all times. One of the activities that could disturb your presence of mind on the road and approaching vehicles is the temptation to eat. Refrain from eating even a small bite from your sandwich if you are busy driving the tandem axle dolly. Remember, any wrong move of the steering wheel could make your vehicle sway to the wrong side of the road and result in a minor or major road accident.

Be mindful of your actions while driving the tandem axle dolly. Don’t take any chances by being distracted by anything or anyone. Stay alert because you never know what could hit you next while on the road.

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