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belly dump trailer insurance

A belly dump trailer is a type of trailer that has moveable doors at the bottom or underneath the load that makes it possible for contents to be easily dumped.  This trailer type usually loads, transports and dumps grain, gravel and sand.

Belly dump operators are part of Australia’s large network of road transport businesses.  They are required to comply with safety and other regulatory policies ensuring the public’s wellbeing.  In the conduct of their business, they face many risks that could mean heavy fines, accident claims, driver injuries or third party liability claims.  With these risks is the potential for financial losses that could seriously affect the company’s bottom line.

Most driver/operators understand the importance of having comprehensive insurance cover.  Although truck insurance can be costly, it makes sound financial sense to ensure that the business has protection from the risks inherent in its operations.

Your truck is your most valuable equipment.  Get affordable but adequate truck insurance cover to ensure smooth operations and 24/7 risk protection.

Don’t scrimp on insurance because it could put your business under.  Request the best belly dump trailer insurance quote from a market leader in the truck and transport market, Truck Insurance HQ specialist brokers are able to help you with all your insurance needs, call us at 1300 815 344 or go online to request a quote!