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B Double Cattle Trailer, Livestock Trailer Insurance, Truck InsuranceInvesting your hard earned money into a new Livestock Trailer can leave you vulnerable to theft attempts. If you want to safeguard your livestock trailer from thieves see below for the best ways to protect your trailer and keep you on the road.

  1. Implement safety measures with your livestock trailer

Keeping your cattle trailer safe from theft attempts, I recommend you include these tasks on your daily routine.

  • See to it that the parking area is properly lighted to ward off thieves from getting access to your livestock trailer.

  • Always lock the doors of your trailer.

  • Don’t allow hitchhikers to enter the premises of your cattle trailer.

  • Never leave spare keys anywhere inside the trailer.

  • Keep everything secured, don’t leave any windows open.

  • Ensure you are parked in a safe and allowable park and that your vehicle is completely visible to you even at a distance.

  1. Install anti-theft warning devices

One of the best ways to ensure your Livestock Trailer is protected against thieves is to install a top performing anti-theft warning device. I recommend you contract this job to an expert installer. Among the ideal warning devices recommended to signal any potential theft of your precious cattle trailer are:

  • Wheel locks

  • Alarms

You can also inquire with your anti-theft device installer about devices designed to immobilise or track the vehicle, like a GPS tracker.

  1. Sub-contract drivers to follow safety measures while on the road

If you have a regular driver driving the Cattle Trailer, ensure this person takes good care of it as if it’s his or her own property. Make sure you are on the same page with the safety tips you will both apply while driving on the road such as adhering to preventive measures to prevent theft:

  • Tell the hired driver to always keep the doors locked, regardless if they’re driving alone or with a companion.

  • Inform the driver of the safest routes to drive the Livestock Trailer, especially if they’re new to the area.

  • If the driver has to change route, tell them to notify you at the earliest convenient time.

  • Tell the driver to report issues of malfunction on the livestock Trailer because being stranded in the middle of a suburban area increases the chances of the trailer being hijacked.

Additional tips and warnings:

For peace of mind and to ensure your new Livestock Trailer remains protected call Truck Insurance HQ. We specialise in the truck and transport industry and our team of brokers can assist you with your Livestock Trailer insurance. Request a quote online or give them a call by phoning 1300 815 344 .