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big rig truck

By definition, a big rig truck is a large truck with an attached trailer used for transporting cargo. Truck Insurance HQ provides you premium big rig truck insurance with affordable price. 

Commercial trucks like big rigs can be breathtaking to see on the road.  In Australia, the economy relies heavily on road transport to get things from one point to another.  The immense land area and low population density in some areas is a big factor for the heavy use of road freight to move the economy.

A big rig would often travel great distances unlike lighter vehicles that often stay close to their base of operations.  This means more risks for the driver and truck owner/operator.   Many truck drivers find it difficult to obtain good insurance cover that will let them travel the routes they want, make good money and still have adequate cover for accidents.  You need to know the terms of the cover you are paying for.  Commercial truck insurance policies often differ and may have a section that applies to your cargo or other aspects related to your business.  A good cover provides protection for the driver, the truck, the load and other vehicles on the road.

Although it will cost you to obtain good insurance cover, there are ways you can save without compromising on protection.  Talk to us about affordable but effective insurance solutions that are tailored to your needs and your business.

At Truck Insurance HQ we know the trucking industry inside and out and we speak your language. Obtain a free quote today by requesting a quote online or speak to us about getting affordable big rig truck insurance in Australia by phoning 1300 815 344.