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Do you operate an excavator, loader or tipper truck? The Bobcat brand has always been popular in the earthmoving industry. From construction to mining to landscaping, this brand is known to deliver top-rated equipment and machinery to make operation efficient and safe. Like any other vehicle out there, operating any of this machinery is not without risk. This is where a Bobcat owner-operator income protection insurance policy can help.

If you look at the studies, risks are part and parcel of operating any type of earthmoving vehicle. Bobcat’sare no exception. Tipper trucks and loaders have been known to causequite a number of off-loading accidents. Excavators and loaders have also been known to cause crashes – short circuits, overheating, attached equipment slamming into the unsuspecting public, brake or attachment failure, and so on—all causing injury to others and the owner-operator themselves.

It is no wonder why many manufacturers are continually looking for better ways to increase internal safetymechanisms on these earthmoving vehicles. Apart from shielding the general public, workers on a siteand the driver-operators, these safety mechanisms also prevent the loss of millions of dollars of investment. There has been much investment and research into the improvement of blind spot mirrors, tailgate safety, fail-safe braking systems, night reflectorsand so on. Speed limits are also governed to a minimal level, regardless of size or capacity, to guarantee the safety of everyone.

Injury Prevention

Given that there is a risk of injury from accidents on or off-site within thevicinity of these mean machines, it is prudent to find the optimum safety operating method to enable use of them in the safest manner possible. As an owner-operator of a Bobcat tipper truck, a loader, or an excavator, preventing injuries can be done by doing ocular inspection of the area before accepting any contract for work. Whilst having ongoing earthworks projects will guaranteeincome, it is important that the cost of risks does not exceed your returns. If the worksite is deemed a high risk one, it is prudent to be ready for all possible outcomes.

Having made a decision to undertake a contract amid perceived risks,upholding safe work practices is a must. Preventive maintenance and defensive operating must also be in place. In many cases, owner-operators of Bobcat machinery and/or equipment are often asked to take a refresher course on safety and security by prudent companies who contract their services. Of course other practical initiatives can also be undertaken by yourself in the course of operating your equipment. Weather monitoring, 360-degree daily inspection, on-time repairs and maintenance, speed and load limits, and other risk-averse systems must be in place to guarantee not just your safety or that of other field employees but also to your high-cost equipment investment.

Overall, owning and operating your own Bobcat heavy machinery and equipment is full of challenges. Risks will always surround you but by having in place a preventive and curative system you can place yourself in the best position possible. As a safety net for you and your family, a reliable Bobcat owner operator income protection insurance policy should also be in hand along with other legislative insurance requirements. To learn more, call our contact number or email to request a free quote.

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