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A bus carries a large number of passengers.  There are different bus configurations such as single-deck, double-decker buses, bendy or articulated bus, coaches, and open top buses.  They are also used for a number of purposes like scheduled transport, school transport, tourism  or private hire.


A bus engine is generally housed under the vehicle.  Space for luggage is also made available usually underneath the bus.  Seating configurations can also differ but usually consist of two rows of double seats on each side.


Bus transportation in Australia is the most economical means of transport.  There are the public bus transport system, luxury interstate coaches, airport shuttles, private hire buses and many more.  Operators of buses are required to have the right insurance cover as they face many risks on the road involving passenger safety and public safety.


We specialise in bus and coach underwriting for bus proprietors.  We can help you obtain the most affordable bus insurance to give you 24/7 protection from all types of risks.  We will assist you in identifying those risks and getting you cover for your business.


Our advisers are experienced in bus and coach insurance and we understand the needs of bus operators.  We can help you manage your risks with effective insurance products that give value for your money.


Truck Insurance HQ are here to help you find the best bus/coach insurance to suit your needs, go online or call us on 1300 815 344 and one of our specialist team will get quotes for you to best suit your situation.


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