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Cab Chassis Cab Chassis Insurance


The chassis provides the structural support to the truck.  The combination of the frame and the driver’s cab makes up the cab chassis with the vehicle’s engine, transmission, suspension, axles, differential and driveshaft.  All rigid type trucks are based on the cab chassis.


There are many different sizes for cab chassis with varying load carry capacity suitable to different types of trailers.  This provides truck owners with the flexibility to put together the kind of truck needed in their business operations.


Whatever type of cab chassis you have, it is important to ensure you have the right type of insurance in place.  With the critical role that the trucking industry plays in Australia’s economy, truck owners need to be protected from road risks 100% to remain competitive.  It is common for trucks to get involved in vehicular accidents and goods in transit can get damaged or stolen.  With the right type of motor insurance, you can manage these risks and avoid astronomical expenses for all kinds of legal liabilities.


You may have the best cab chassis to run your operations smoothly but without good Cab Chassis Insurance cover, you are definitely at risk.  Most truck owners realise the importance of partnering up with a reliable insurance company to make sure their business is never compromised.  We can provide you with broad coverage for motor vehicle insurance without costing an arm and a leg.


Talk to us today at Truck Insurance HQ about Cab Chassis Insurance.  We can review your insurance portfolio and help you obtain the best truck insurance quotes.  With many years of experience in truck insurance, we are in the best position to help manage your risks. Go online to request a Quote or simply call us on 1300 815 344.