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livestock truckDo you want to prolong the length of service of your quad deck livestock trailer? Caring for your trailer isn’t as complicated and tedious as you imagine it to be, if you dedicate some quality time carrying out the following care and maintenance practices.

  • Proper washing technique should be applied

When was the last time you did a thorough wash with your quad deck livestock trailer? If it has been ages and you have noticed traces of accumulated dirt and mud all over its exterior parts and tires, use a top quality hose and your liquid car washing soap. Don’t forget to wash the surfaces around the trailer’s lights, to ensure you enjoy maximum visibility while on the road at night. When washing the trailer, focus also on the underside areas where dirt, dust and other harmful elements found on the road will get stuck. For those hard-to-reach parts of the trailer like the roof and side walls, a top performing long brush will do the trick. If you don’t have a long brush, a sturdy ladder will be most helpful to get this washing done quickly.

  • Pay attention to trailer’s lighting

Testing the lights of your quad deck livestock trailer is a must because you rely on them for assistance when you are driving at night. Your initial task when checking the performance of your trailer’s individual lights is to disconnect the wiring harness and connector if it’s built with separate electrical wiring system. Carefully inspect for exposed wires, signs of wear or tear and seal them properly with the use of electrical tape. Once done with the wires, your next concern is the connector. You can use a wire brush or steel wool to clean this area. Make sure you waterproof this part by putting grease to ensure no moisture comes in direct contact.

  • Check the tyres

Among the parts of a quad deck livestock trailer that are mostly used and bombarded with foreign particles lying on the road are the tyres. Make it a habit to check your tyres regularly before hitting the road for a long distance journey to avoid instances of having to change a flat tyre. Inflate the trailer’s tyres with the recommended amount of air pressure. Check also the tyres tread depth. You can try the “penny test” to verify if your tyres are still safe on the road to avoid major accidents like a full blown tyre.

  • Give it enough greasing

I’m sure you heard about trailer owners who dedicate some time to grease the trailer before hitting the road. If you want to have the privilege of a good condition quad deck livestock trailer, grease the ball hitch, inside of the tongue jack including the ramp hinges.

The care and maintenance of your livestock trailer starts with your strong commitment and patience to do the above practices repeatedly over time. As part of your care and maintenance, have it checked with a trailer mechanic, to guarantee you don’t get stranded in the middle of nowhere. Lastly, see to it you have this trailer covered with a dependable insurance policy. I’m sure all your hard work and dedication will pay off with a top performing quad deck livestock trailer ready to serve you for years to come.

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