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Liability InsuranceDo you own a carrier for your personal or business use? Perhaps it’s about time to consider buying a Carriers Comprehensive Coverage Insurance policy. Below are top questions to ask during your one-on-one meeting with your potential insurer.

Questions #1 – Do you specialise in this type of insurance policy?

One of the critical issues you need to ask a prospective insurance provider is whether they specialise in Carriers Comprehensive Coverage Insurance. If not, I suggest you look for another insurer who is knowledgeable in Carriers Insurance and other commercial types of insurance products. Remember, the insurance needs of the owner of a carrier differ from someone insuring their personal car due to the extent of liability that may be involved, not only to the loads the carrier transports, but also to the driver or a third party.

Question #2 – What is inclusive in my protection coverage?

If you are planning to buy a Carriers Comprehensive Coverage Insurance policy, don’t hesitate to ask this question, “What are the inclusions in my protection coverage?” A comprehensive type of protection extends coverage to all risks that a carrier is exposed to, such as:

  • Damage to loads

  • Damage to a third party in the event of a collision

  • Physical injury

  • Compensation for non-operation

  • Sudden breakdown

  • Accidents due to collision

  • Theft or vandalism

Question #3 – What is needed to complete my insurance application?

If this is your first time buying a Carriers Comprehensive Coverage Insurance policy, don’t forget to ask what you will need to complete your insurance application. Among the requirements that you have to provide are:

  • Complete name and address

  • Credit score rating

  • Size, model and price of your carrier unit

  • Risk elements that your carrier has to face while on the road or stored at the storage area

  • Driving record history report

  • Previous insurance claims

  • Chosen protection coverage

Question #4 – Can I hire a broker?

In the event you wish to hire a broker, don’t forget to ask this question with your prospective insurance provider, “Can I hire a broker?” There is a possibility that your prospective insurer has a list of brokers affiliated to them that they could refer to you.

Question #5 – Can you give me a discounted offer?

Buying a Carriers Comprehensive Coverage Insurance policy can be very costly so if you want to get a discounted price, feel free to ask the insurer. I’m sure the insurer will be happy to give you a discount, especially if you will buy other add-on insurance products.

Question #6 – Do you have online support?

One of your concerns when buying a Carriers Comprehensive Coverage Insurance policy is to make sure that the insurer is readily available to answer your enquiries after office hours. If the insurer doesn’t have a quick access to online support, find out how you could contact them in the event of an accident and when you’re in need of immediate assistance.

Truck Insurance HQ are a team of experienced insurance brokers who are market leaders in the truck and transport industry and can provide you with tailored Carriers Comprehensive Cover Insurance at competitive rates from affiliated insurance companies and will do all the hatrd work in getting the best coverage for your needs. Call our office on 1300 815 344 or you can go online to request a quote.