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Drilling Rig Truck Insurance: Comprehensive Protection for Your Investment

Drilling rig trucks are essential assets in the oil and gas industry, providing the mobility and functionality needed for efficient drilling operations. Given their critical role and high value, ensuring these vehicles have adequate insurance coverage is paramount. So, this is where Drilling Rig Truck Insurance comes into play, offering specialized protection tailored to the […]

Prime Mover Finance

We can provide a variety of options for Prime Mover Finance for businesses and individuals. With our extensive industry experience, we can recommend the most suitable financing solutions tailored to your business needs. We can assist you with acquiring one or more prime movers, depending on your needs. Our finance options include commercial vehicle finance, […]

Trauma & TPD Insurance

Trauma & TPD Insurance When you are in a crisis concerning your health, you should not have to think about how to pay your bills or the costs that are not part of your health plan. Whether it’s a stroke, cancer or other serious conditions, or a permanent disability from an accident, it pays to […]

Halloween Hailstorms Cause $1.08 Billion In Losses

Around this time of year, we typically experience Halloween hailstorms, which are often accompanied by thunderstorms and significant hail. These storms add an unexpected twist to Halloween, creating a spooky and challenging environment for both insurers and homeowners. Last year’s Halloween hailstorm was particularly devastating, causing massive losses totaling $1.08 billion. As of now, claims […]

Trade Debtors Finance

Trade Debtors Finance refers to funding options using the company’s accounts receivables as collateral. In general, companies that have minimum working capital run into cash flow difficulties when invoices are paid under 30 day terms. Slow paying invoices can be used for debtor finance solutions to improve the company’s cash flow position and enable it […]

Yellow Plant Finance

  There are many finance options for plant or equipment needed for your business operations. By getting finance, your business won’t spend thousands of dollars on equipment that you can lease or rent over an agreed period. You can acquire expensive vehicles, yellow goods, industrial machinery or farm machinery and essentially manage your cash flow. […]

Commercial Vehicle Leasing

Commercial Vehicle Leasing   Many business owners don’t want cash to be tied up in assets with depreciating value. Unpredictable cash flow during the slow months also makes maintenance and other business costs difficult. To reduce depreciation costs and negative cash flow impact, commercial vehicle leasing can be a smart option.   If vehicle acquisition […]

Commercial Vehicle Finance

Commercial Vehicle Finance   In Australia, the freight transport industry uses light vehicles, rigid trucks, articulated trucks and buses. More than $48 billion dollars per year is generated by the industry with an annual growth rate of 2.4% based on statistics from ABS.   Freight transport financing for buses and trucks represents an estimated 16% […]

Partnership Insurance

Partnership Insurance   Partnerships also come with risks. In case one partner dies, the surviving partner will suddenly find himself in business with the spouse or family members of the deceased partner. The situation may be amicable or unpleasant, but the option for a buy-out must be available. The cost of buying out a deceased […]

Keyperson Insurance

Keyperson Insurance   Why should you get keyperson insurance? In every company, there are valuable employees who are essential to the operations of the business. In the event that life’s circumstances like illness or other unexpected events take them away, a company can suddenly experience financial vulnerability due to the loss. Key person insurance protects […]