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Cement Pump InsuranceAre you afraid your newly purchased cement pump would be a hot target for potential theft or vandalism? If you want to prevent any of these incidents from happening, here are different safety measures suggested by a cement pump insurer.

  • Install top quality security locks

If you are storing the cement pump truck at a storage area, be sure you install top quality security locks to prevent thieves or vandals from getting quick access inside the premises. If possible, hire somebody to guard the site particularly if you own a number of heavy duty units like a cement mixer, dump truck and cement pump truck. You can also consider insuring these items with the appropriate insurance product such as a cement pump insurance policy to ensure you are fully protected against unforeseen events like theft or vandalism.

  • Install alarm devices

If you can’t totally prevent the possibility of forced entry to your storage area, why not at least delay the criminals bad intentions by putting alarming devices that will distract thieves from taking your cement pump quickly. You can ask your auto mechanic repair shop for suggestions on warning devices that will alarm your stay-in staff or hired guard to check the cement pump such as installing alarms and wheel locks on the unit itself.

  • Train all drivers to secure the unit while on the road

If you use the cement pump at other construction sites, expect the unit to be exposed to hijacking while on the road. Again, it would be best to train all assigned hired drivers to adhere to safety measures on how to secure the unit such as applying the following practices:

  • Keep all doors locked to prevent quick access to the driver’s wheel.

  • Install GPS to all units to track their exact locations.

  • Orientate drivers to the quickest route.

  • If an incident occurs such as the unit being stolen, inform the driver to notify the right authority to track down the criminals.

  • Get the appropriate cement pump insurance

Yes, this is another safety measure that to ensure you are fully protected against all risks that your cement pump is exposed to while on the road, at the storage area or when in use.

Additional tips and warnings:

If you have finally decided to buy cement pump insurance policy, do the following before committing to any insurance company:

  • Get free insurance quotes from different insurance companies and compare their prices.

  • Ask for a written proposal of your chosen cement pump insurance policy.

  • Review the content of the proposed policy before making a final decision.

  • Enquire about the payment options you can choose.

  • Determine if you can make changes to your current cement pump insurance policy anytime.

  • Get the advice of a licensed broker if you can’t make a wise choice regarding the available insurance products offered by the insurance provider.

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