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chiller trailer insurance

A chiller is a type of articulated trailer that keeps goods frozen or chilled in storage or during transport.  In general, a Chiller Trailer would be constructed with fiberglass foam sandwich walls to control temperature and maintain temperatures below freezing.

They are equipped with refrigeration units without the thick insulated walls found in freezer trailers or vans.  It is possible for a chiller trailer to be linked or mounted to a prime mover for transporting chilled goods from one point to another.

Chillers are just one of the many types of trucks that travel Australian roads to keep the economy moving.  They play a vital role in ensuring goods are made available to the public.  The nature of their function, carrying meat products and other frozen goods, means exposure to certain risks for the business/operator.

Using chiller trailers for transport has its risks from loading to unloading.  If the refrigeration unit breaks down, the goods are at risk for damage or spoilage.  Vehicle repairs and substitution can be expensive.  Accident claims and other legal liabilities can give rise to huge legal expenses.  With the right insurance cover, you can be protected from these risks and ease the potential financial burden on the business.

It is important that you choose the right insurer as your insurance policy will affect your financial security for the next 12 months.  Don’t make the costly mistake of being underinsured.  Know the terms of your policy and what you are covered or potentially exposed to.

Chiller trailer insurance need not be expensive when you speak with the right insurers.  Obtain a no-obligation quote today or speak to our experienced advisers at Truck Insurance HQ for tailored chiller trailer insurance solutions for your business by phoning 1300 815 344 or go online and request a quote.