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Liability InsuranceBuying your first trailer insurance policy can be truly overwhelming, especially if there are many choices of protection to select from. Among the favoured type of insurance protection coverage is the comprehensive trailer in control insurance policy. If you are new to this type of insurance product, let me share with you some valuable facts about this sort of insurance policy.

What is a comprehensive type of insurance policy?

A comprehensive trailer in control insurance differs in protection coverage from a basic or standard insurance product. Below are the different types of protection a trailer policyholder will receive if he or she opts for a comprehensive insurance policy:

  • Sudden breakdown

Trailers, like any form of transport, are also prone to sudden breakdown. If you want to make sure you are fully compensated due to a sudden breakdown, it’s best to get a comprehensive trailer in control insurance policy that will cover any incident involving the breakdown of your heavy duty commercial vehicle. Keep in mind, if your trailer has a major breakdown while on the road expect huge losses of earnings to arise, especially if you need to transport highly perishable goods.

  • Issues that will affect loading and unloading

Another special type of protection coverage that is added on a comprehensive trailer in control insurance policy is the concerns affecting loading and unloading. For example, if you use your trailer to load and unload goods the risks of encountering damage to these items are high, so it’s crucial you are fully covered for anything that may arise while loading and unloading these goods.

  • Clearing of unwanted debris

Driving a heavy duty trailer is also prone to collision while on the road. If you want to make sure you are protected while delivering goods you need to include the clearing of unwanted debris as part of the comprehensive trailer in control insurance policy. Here you can expect the insurance company to provide assistance if unwanted debris resulting from a major collision is on the road and will lead to a heavy traffic jam. Your insurer will pay for the towing or removal of unwanted debris.

  • Loss of cargo

Loss of cargo is another special type of protection that a comprehensive trailer in control insurance policy will extend to the policyholder. The policyholder will receive compensation for loss of earnings due to this bad incident.

  • Collisions

Trailer trucks are prone to collisions even though your drivers are efficient and highly trained. Remember, you can’t predict what incidents will arise while on a road trip, for example encountering bad drivers or experiencing sudden brake failure. When any of these unpredictable events occur while driving a heavy duty trailer, a comprehensive trailer in control insurance policy protects you from any type of collision, regardless of who is at fault. You can be assured that your insurance company will compensate you when you need it most. Comprehensive trailer in control insurance doesn’t only focus on collisions with another vehicle. Incidents like theft, vandalism or encountering a natural disaster like accidental bush fire are also covered under a comprehensive trailer in control insurance policy.

  • Towing and storage

Trailers are huge commercial types of vehicles that need special towing services in case of sudden breakdown or collision with another vehicle. If you are covered with special type of coverage for towing and storage, your insurance provider will shoulder expenses that will pay for the services of a towing company.

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