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Concrete Pumping Insurance

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To understand concrete pump insurance, it is important to know what concrete pumping is all about and what insurance coverage can do for your business.

Concrete pumping requires transferring liquid from concrete through hoses and pipes. There are different types of concrete pumps including boom pumps, line pumps and stationary trailer line pumps.

Do I Need Concrete Pump Insurance?

Concrete pumping, like all sectors related to the building/construction industry, has not been without its share of accidents in the past. A snapped concrete pump boom could have devastating consequences. With the right insurance, you can avoid financial losses from lawsuits and have peace of mind knowing you are covered 24/7.

What Are the Benefits of Concrete Pumping Insurance?

Some of the benefits of concrete pump insurance include:


When acquiring concrete pump insurance, you need to speak only with an insurer that provides effective business insurance solutions for your specific industry.

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At Truck Insurance HQ, we understand the questions and concerns you have and we have anticipated your needs from actual experience in the type of business you do.

Accidents do happen. Always be covered over-the-road with your pump truck and at the worksite. Make sure to have cover for accidental pollution and other types of risks. We know the language you speak and have the answers to your questions.

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