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Concrete trucks are a common sight on construction sites across Australia. These vehicles are used to transport and mix concrete, which is then poured into molds and left to set. As with any commercial vehicle, it is essential to have concrete agitator truck insurance.

What is A Concrete Truck?

A concrete truck also called an agitator truck, cement truck, or transit mixer used to transport and mix concrete from a batching plant to a construction site. They are generally standard rigid trucks with a concrete agitator bowl fitted to the rear of the vehicle.

Generally, most concrete truck drivers are subcontractors to major concrete companies. The subcontractor will provide his own truck and the concrete company will own, supply, and fit the concrete agitator ‘bowl’ and associated equipment to the rear of the subcontractor’s truck.

concrete agitator truck

What Kind Of Concrete Truck Coverage Do You Need?

Concrete truck insurance is under the category of commercial vehicle insurance. Therefore, you need all the standard commercial vehicle insurance in your insurance plan to operate your mixer legally. However, choosing the best option requires an understanding of its components. Below are the coverages you’ll need:

  • Public Liability Insurance: provides coverage in case of accidents or injuries occurring on construction sites or public areas where the concrete truck operates. It’s essential for protecting against third-party claims for bodily injury or property damage.
  • Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance: covers property damage and liability arising from accidents involving the concrete truck. The coverage requirements may vary depending on the state or territory, the size and weight of the vehicle, and its intended use.
  • Cargo Insurance: To protect the concrete being transported in the truck, cargo insurance may be necessary. It covers damage or loss to the cargo during transit.

The specific insurance requirements and regulations may vary by state and can change over time. It’s crucial to stay updated on the insurance and regulatory requirements applicable to your concrete truck operations in your specific area. Consult with a local insurance agent or broker who is well-versed in Australian insurance regulations and can help you choose the appropriate coverage for your concrete truck.

Compare Concrete Truck Insurance Quotes

Concrete truck insurance is a specialist insurance area, with only a handful of insurance brokers in Australia specialising in it and fewer insurers to find coverage with. The difficulty with getting concrete truck insurance is that most of the company’s drivers work for the likes of Boral, Hanson, etc., and have very specific insurance requirements for rip & tear coverage and wrongful delivery.

When putting together an insurance portfolio for clients, it is important that we balance the contractual needs of clients to have the above clauses in their coverage, whilst ensuring we are still using an insurer with comprehensive coverage which can include machinery breakdown, the setting of mix in barrel or downtime/business interruption cover.

Truck Insurance HQ is very competitive when compared to the largest South Australian-based provider and working with multiple owner-drivers/fleets can push the insurers for even better discounts and coverage. We have been specialising in truck, transport, plant, and equipment insurance for over 10 years. We offer our clients the best in service.

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