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Contract Harvesters InsuranceThe agricultural industry has many unique needs, characteristics and risk factors. The processes involved in agricultural enterprises are complex, broad and require enough manpower and heavy equipment to successfully carry out activities. In Australia, harvesting conditions can differ substantially from state to state and year to year. For example, in December of 2016 the harvest of grain crops in South Australia and West Australia are expected to bring record yields and crops in New South Wales and Victoria should also do well. However, this is only after losses in seasons where extended periods of drought, frosts, floods and fire were prevalent in key farming regions across the nation. Grain harvesting is essential to Australia’s agricultural and export commodities growth but is often at the mercy of climatic conditions. The work of the contract harvester is particularly hazardous in the heat when factors of low humidity, dry winds and flammable materials increases the risk of fire.

Contract harvesters provide harvesting and grain handling services to landowners on a business basis. The duration of contracts may vary from a few weeks to months or years, depending on the type of crops and environmental conditions such as lodged crops, wet soil or high winds. The contracts may be of short term, part-time and seasonal duration, and large operators regularly work across many regions and in varying types of cropping activities. In the process, the contractor usually provides the landowner with a basic plan outlining how they intend to harvest the identified crops, but sometimes a more detailed type of mapping is appropriate.

Insurance is an important part of any contract harvester’s risk management strategy. Choosing a suitable and customised insurance will efficiently help save your time and money. Contract harvesters insurance is designed to support the contractor to overcome the difficulties faced when harvesting and recognises the exceptionally hazardous risks involved.

Contract harvesters insurance cover includes:

  • Loss or Damage to Machinesall machines need to insured in order to claim for damage or theft during the insured period.

  • Work Cost protectionwhere there is a noticeable increase in the cost of labour due to unforeseen conditions require more manpower, this can be claimed through insurance.

  • General Liability – this covers the general liability of a contractor for accidents, injuries or claims of negligence. This insurance may cover payments for bodily injury, property damage, medical expenses, libel, slander, costs incurred in setting up bonds, fulfilling legal judgments and fees involved in defending lawsuits.

  • Public liability – this protects the contractor and their business from financial losses if due to their negligence, an injury is caused to a member of the public.

  • Fire Accident – this insurance covers the liabilities arising from fire that accidently occurs during harvesting around combustible materials.

A farmer recognises the importance of liability cover and so it is equally important that contractors also have public liability insurance in place. Comprehensive insurance coverage supports the contractor if troubles arise because of the improper use of harvesting equipment on the land and also on the local road system. Contract harvesters often operate in 38-degree heat and a tailored insurance policy will cover unexpected losses in fire accidents. The appropriate insurance will assist the contract harvester overcome any liabilities associated with the uncontrolled spread of a major bush fire.

The high risks associated with agricultural industries means it is necessary to carry a professionally negotiated insured deal. Paying a monthly premium can save you and your business from huge financial expenses and losses that may incur due to unforeseen adverse incidents. Finding a suitable insurance service provider is always a challenge, but getting a competitive, relevant and comprehensive insurance policy will reduce stress and unnecessary disruptions to your work.

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