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Driver Income Protection InsuranceWhat is the most common reason in truck driver identity theft? How can owner driver income protection insurance help? Or can it really help in this rising problem among truckies these days? According to study, identity theft has risen significantly in the truck driving industry in the last five years or so. This puts truckies in a grave condition where their business as independent contractors are put to a test. Some can easily get flagged down by traffic violations they have no inkling of. Others are more sinister as situation can range from petty crimes to something as crazy as money laundering.

The Unfortunate Saga Of Driver’s Licenses

According to studies, around 8 in 10 victims of identity theft stem from stolen driver’s licenses. This little piece of ID are often with truckies– in their wallets, backpacks, inside their vehicle’s glove compartment, under their chair or wedged in their vehicle’s visor slot. They are too easy to snatch when a driver is on break in a pit stop to eat, rest or answer nature’s call. Stolen driver’s license that falls into the hands of an experienced theft can easily be manipulated– and that’s when problems start coming in.

The sad truth about identity theft is that the impostor can do anything they want. They can use it for their own traffic violations when a police officer hurriedly ask for it at a stop. They can manipulate this and pass as their own– and when that happens, they can very well open a credit card or use it as a way to prove their identity when filing for a loan. If you are flagged for a crime, it may also disallow you to drive until you’ve been cleared by authorities. Obviously, the more experienced these nitwits are, the more lewd their intention will become. And all these can be done with just a 3-inch by 2-inch card!

Safety As The First Policy

Minimizing risks falls in truckies hands when it comes to a stolen driver’s license as a precursor to identity theft. For one, a driver’s license must be kept close to you at all times. When lost, it must be immediately reported to proper authorities so it can be flagged all across the region. Scanning or swiping of your license must also be allowed only when required and must also be done by proper authorities. Some truckies who owns and do business at the same time tend to write down their license number on checks. Keep in mind that checks can be passed from one entity to another leading to exposure of your license number. Check fraud, by the way, is a felony.

One of the main contention in driver’s license identity theft is when truckies has to voluntarily stop working pending police investigation. It can very well take a week to a month’s time depending on court ruling to justify the unlawful activity. This can be quite disheartening particularly to families whose main source of livelihood is income from driving activities. This is why aside from the aforementioned safety precautions, having an owner driver income protection insurance to help tide things over during the course of the identity theft investigation will definitely help.

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