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Business Interruption Insurance

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Business Interruption Insurance


Truck Insurance, Business Interruption Insurance, Transit InsuranceTransport operators may face difficult times when their trucks become unavailable for repairs. Your business operations could be severely impacted by accidents or repairs resulting in business interruption (downtime).


If your vehicles are off the road, it could significantly reduce your cash flow. Loss of income would have a direct effect on your ability to pay financing for your vehicles, business expenses such as salaries, insurance premiums, workers’ compensation, utilities, mortgage and other necessary expenses.


With business interruption insurance, you can get benefits in cases when your vehicles are not generating income due to insured events such as repairs or accidents. It can be an extension of your commercial motor vehicle insurance or fleet insurance. It is an optional cover that is designed to help businesses manage unexpected interruptions to the availability of their vehicles. For the trucking industry, this is a critical type of cover since the business relies heavily on heavy motor vehicles that are vulnerable to accidents and repairs.

Unforeseen events can be difficult to recover from as trade and income stops. Even in the face of such a crisis, debts and overhead costs still need to be paid. Insurance protection from loss of revenue due to business interruption can be the only thing that could save you.

It is important to get protection from downtime insurance or business interruption. We specialise in the needs of truck owners and can provide you with the most affordable yet comprehensive heavy motor vehicle insurance with truckers’ downtime insurance.

Truck Insurance HQ are specialists in the truck and transport sector as well as providing all other insurances. Downtime insurance can and will put your mind at ease to know that you are covered should there be a time that you need it. Give our office a call today on 1300 815 344 or you can go online to request a quote.

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