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Dragline Excavator Insurance

A Dragline Excavator is a large and heavy piece of equipment used for earthmoving applications. It slews on its base and is mostly used in surface mining and civil engineering, which is why so many businesses and owner-operators find it important to obtain dragline excavator insurance that will cover what they actually need it to.

A dragline comes in various sizes and can be up to 13,500 tons. In order to excavate material below the level of the machine’s base,  a dragline is equipped with a boom connected to a mainframe with a suspended bucket. This is connected to a wire cable. The hoist and drag ropes lift, lower, and drag the bucket as it fills up and then the contents are dumped in another location away from the site.

Draglines operate in high-risk environments. Operators must have the best insurance to provide a wide range of cover for these different risks. With policy and legislation, technological, and economic changes, the challenges that an operator of trucks and heavy equipment faces in order to stay viable and competitive are varied. By having the right insurance cover you can be assured that you are in a position to keep pace with these changes and be ready to meet the demands of your market.

With the right insurance, you can be protected from huge financial losses resulting from accident claims, vehicle repairs, property damage, legal expenses, and other liabilities.

You can get cheaper insurance without compromising the quality of cover. Talk to us about the most affordable truck and earthmoving equipment insurance.
We insure all Excavators and Plant/Machinery Equitment so if you have any other equiries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our multi-award winning team!

Truck Insurance HQ’s brokers are highly experienced and ready to help you with all your Dragline insurance needs. Request a quote online for the most competitive insurance quotes today, or call us at 1300 815 344 for expert advice and obligation free quotes on all your insurance needs.

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