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Top 5 Tips For Quad Road Train Drivers In Heavy Traffic

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Quad Road Train Truck, Quad Road Train Driving, Transport Insurance, Cargo Insurance, Truck InsuranceHeavy traffic is a problem that drivers face on a daily basis, regardless if you drive your personal car or are appointed to drive the heavy-duty quad road train for a long-distance journey. If at all costs, you don’t want to be affected by a heavy traffic jam, follow these safe driving tips and hopefully you’ll come out of that congestion without having a heated argument with another driver.

Tip #1 – Don’t get distracted

Even if you are in the middle of heavy traffic on the main route to your final destination, don’t get distracted by your surroundings. Avoid being irritated with other drivers shouting at the top of their voices. I suggest you remain calm and focus on the road ahead. Why? For instance, you may be caught unaware that the traffic is already starting to move if instead, you are busy calling somebody on your mobile phone. Accidents happen fast and in a snap you might bump into another vehicle. Even if you are covered with a comprehensive insurance policy for your quad road train, the trouble of having deal with this chaos will surely be very stressful. I recommend you limit the following distractions:

  • Your radio; turn the radio off to ensure you hear every sound coming from your environment.

  • Mobile phone; refrain from texting or making a call, even a quick one.

Tip #2 – Apply defensive driving

Most professional drivers, whose daily activities include long hours of driving, apply defensive driving. For your overall safety while driving the quad road train, apply these defensive driving techniques so you can easily react to any given situation, even while facing heavy traffic.

  • Scan the road for any movement in the traffic.

  • Remain vigilant for any sign of danger that may pose threat, like a drunk driver behind your vehicle.

  • Stay in your lane as much as possible, even if it’s tempting to change to another lane with fewer vehicles because you never know when a fast approaching vehicle will hit as you move across.

  • Be aware of warning signals before making a swift turn or merge into another lane.

  • Keep a safe distance from between you and another vehicle.

  • Follow the road rules strictly.

Tip #3 – Be prepared for any road situation

Before hitting the road for a long distance trip in your quad road train, always come prepared for any road situation such as traffic jam. If you are already on the road driving at a distance and notice several vehicles ahead slowing down, try to slow your driving speed down to save fuel and limit the possibility of accidents.

Tip #4 – Observe the three-second distance rule between you and the traffic ahead

This is one of the safest approaches that drivers facing a major traffic jam should implement; observe the three-second distance rule. This is a simple way to double-check you are driving at a safe following distance. You can try the following techniques:

  • Choose a fixed point such as a road sign or building that is level with the vehicle in front. If you reach that point before you can count to 3 then you are too close and need to pull back. Remember the distance should be greater if the road is wet or visibility limited. Also, a greater distance is wise when driving a heavy vehicle.

  • Keep your driving speed to a minimum so you can react and apply your brakes when the need arises.

  • Remain alert for any potential issue where you need to do an emergency manoeuvre in your quad road train.

Tip #5 – Exit the freeway

If you are already an expert on the road and have been a professional driver of a quad road train for years, you can often predict the way the traffic is going and when it’s better to exit the freeway rather than wait in despair. The longer you are caught in heavy traffic, the more prone you are to becoming physically and mentally exhausted. I recommend you decide fast, exit the freeway safely and find the nearest stop to rest while waiting for the traffic to move.

Traffic congestion is among the daily struggles of drivers on the road. If you want to make sure you and your quad road train are both safe while long-distance driving, I strongly recommend you get a comprehensive quad road train insurance policy that covers all types of accidents.

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