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Drop Deck Trailer

Drop deck articulated trailers are equipped with a floor that can be dropped down when cleared of the rear axle.  A step section lets freight to be brought into the back section of the trailer.  It is also provided with small wheels and tires at the rear to help increase volume of load and enhance stability by reducing the centre of gravity. Below is why you should have Drop Deck Trailer Insurance.

drop deck trailer

Flat beds and curtain trailers are the most common types of drop deck trailers.  They are very versatile and can transport all kinds of cargo ranging from machinery to packaged pallets.

The trucking industry is very vital to Australia’s economy.  While prospects for trucking businesses remain bright, various technological, regulatory and economic factors affect the industry and its operators.  Most truck operators are aware of the perils their trucks face while on the road but don’t realise that their insurance cover may not be adequate.

You take all the necessary steps to ensure that your operations are smooth and efficient.  This should include managing your risks to protect the business from potentially disastrous accident claims.  Understand your truck insurance cover and what it means to your business.

Although insurance premiums continue to rise, you should never sacrifice cover to cut corners.  Many businesses have gone under from a single accident claim because they didn’t have the right insurance.  A cheaper insurance can save you money today but put you out of business later.

Talk to us about the most effective trucking insurance solutions for your drop deck trailer.  By clicking Request a Quote online, you can find out how easy and affordable truck insurance can be with the best insurance provider in Australia.  If you prefer to speak directly to our experienced staff about your Drop Deck Trailer Insurance requirements, please call our team at Truck Insurance HQ on 1300 815 344.