What Every Truck Driver Should Know About Injury Protection Due To Other Driver’s Negligence

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Truck Driver InjuryDo you know that most collisions on the road are not instigated by truck drivers? It just so happens that the public always expect drivers of much bigger vehicles to be in control of the situation. Many small vehicle drivers also tend to do foolish things when driving around these mean machines. It is also common knowledge that truckies have to go through rigorous training and accreditation process to be given a commercial driver’s license. But still when accidents happen, liability as well as injury protection claims done by them are often contested.

Amid exercising utmost safety and restraint around other motorists, truck drivers must always have something to fall back on when something goes wrong due to others’ negligence. To get you started, here are some injury protection plans that can address the inevitable.

Workers’ Compensation (WorkCover). The growing market of truck drivers working as independent contractors, many truckies still prefer straight-cut employment for this particular insurance. Injury protection is quite solid when it comes to workers’ compensation, commonly referred to as WorkCover insurance in Australia. When one sustained work-related injuries, he or she can avail of medical insurance to cover hospitalization and rehab. When injury leads to disability or fatality, a settlement may also be reached with company insurer. Workcover, however, varies from region to region. So, make sure to inquire about this information.

Company Vehicle Insurance. When the other driver doesn’t carry any insurance at all, truck drivers can avail of their employer’s insurer. Even independent contractors can avail of the company’s liability insurance. Keep in mind that liability insurance is strictly mandated by all states in Australia.

At-Fault Insurance. Another injury protection strategy is to file a liability claim against the other driver’s insurer. This is often accompanied by a traffic police report clearly indicating the other driver’s negligence or fault resulting to your injuries from the accident. Keep in mind that this insurance may also be claimed along with workcover insurance to compensate for the losses you incurred.

Income Protection. Truckies looking for injury protection can also make good use of income protection insurance as a safety net. This insurance policy can allow an injured truck driver as well as his dependents to enjoy almost the same level of financial backing. Through this, a truck driver can focus on his recovery without worrying about the family’s financial requirements.

Things can be quite shaky when a truck driver met an accident while going about his task. In fact, it can be overwhelming to families who depend largely on the monthly income truckies bring to the household. With these injury protection systems at hand, truckies and their families can rest easy knowing that they have something to lean on when things go awry. The key is to find the right cover which can deliver needed benefits without any hitch.

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