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Face Shovel insurance

One of the most used heavy equipment units on a construction site is the face shovel. If you are worried that the daily usage of this equipment will result in potential breakage or accidents, I recommend you talk with an insurance provider that sells commercial insurance products for heavy equipment and machinery. Use this checklist when preparing for an initial meeting to discuss face shovel insurance.

  • Level of protection coverage

When buying a face shovel insurance policy, it’s vital you have a clear idea of the various levels of protection coverage applicable for your heavy equipment and may include the following:

  • Equipment breakdown

  • Third party liability for injury or property damages

  • Other unavoidable events where you need to protect the unit against theft, vandals, manufacturers fault and hazards

  • Price of insurance products

Among the concerns you need to discuss with a prospective insurer during a private consultation is their prevailing prices for insurance products, including face shovel insurance. Don’t hesitate to ask for quotes for various insurance products with different levels of protection so that you can compare where you will save and enjoy more privileges. Remember, the proposed insurance premiums of face shovel insurance may differ from one insurer to another, so it’s really up to your negotiating skills to demand a lower insurance quote.

Is there a chance to lower the proposed face shovel insurance quote?

There are many ways to lower the proposed face shovel insurance quote and may include the following:

  • Secure your face shovel against thieves and vandals by using a security lock to prevent quick access to the heavy equipment unit.

  • Install security cameras at the storage area where your face shovel is parked.

  • Safeguard the official documents of your face shovel like the receipt and take a photo of this unit’s model, serial number and other visible marks that can help you distinguish it if it was stolen or replaced.

Other concerns when buying a face shovel insurance policy:

  • Check the background of the chosen insurer to ensure you are dealing only with a top performing company.

  • The insurer’s availability online, this is definitely a consideration especially if you are too busy and can’t leave the construction site just to discuss a face shovel insurance policy.

  • Reports and other records that will show how efficient the insurer is when processing claims.

  • Hiring a professional broker to help you make a good decision about the type of insurance policy to buy and level of protection to be included.

Buying a face shovel insurance policy doesn’t happen overnight. You need to complete the different steps prior to the actual purchase to ensure you’ve made the right choice like meeting the insurer, discussing your concerns, risks and budget. Aside from that, you are have 14 days to cool off before make a final decision. In the event you decide to withdraw your application from a prospective insurer, move to the next insurance provider on your list and again undergo the same steps until you find the right face shove insurance policy.

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