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Low Load Trailer InsuranceAre you a first-time buyer searching for a top quality Low Load Trailer or as it is commonly referred to as the “low loader trailer”? If you don’t want to end up buying a defective or stolen low load trailer, I do recommend you look at our guide.

Prior to purchase

It’s a standard procedure regardless of whether you are buying the low load trailer at a local dealer or ordering it online from a well-known low loader trailer manufacturer, check the following details:

  • Official registration of the low load trailer must be readily available to ensure it’s not stolen or reported with defects.

  • Visit Personal Property Register to verify if the low loader trailer has no financial issues.

  • Know how much the cost to cover transfer or administration fees and other charges that may apply like tax or stamp duty.

When buying a low load trailer

Now that you are finally closing a deal and buying your first low loader trailer, you are required to comply strictly with these requirements:

  • The seller or dealer and the potential buyer must both sign the transfer application form. Make sure the copy that will be given to you is the trailer’s recent registration certificate before finalising the sale. In the event that the original certificate is no longer available, the seller or dealer must get a replacement and pay the required fees at the customer service centre.

  • The buyer should file the transfer application form within 14 days upon purchase at the Transport Department and pay the corresponding fees for transfer and tax or stamp duty.

  • The seller or dealer must file the disposal notice within 14 days.

Am I covered with warranty?

This is a crucial question that most first-time buyers of low load trailer ask, “Are they covered with warranty?” If you have bought the low load trailer from a legitimate dealer, your rights as a paying customer are protected with warranty coverage, but only for a certain period of time including visible signs of defects after the purchase.

What does the term “cooling off” mean?

The term “cooling off” is given to all interested buyers where they are given at least two days, especially if you are buying a secondhand low loader trailer from an accredited local dealer. Keep in mind, this privilege isn’t applicable if you will buy the trailer from a direct seller. You will be required to pay a deposit fee of around 10% of the selling price of the low load trailer during the cooling period. In the event you decided not to proceed with the final purchase of the trailer, the dealer has the right to claim a percentage of the deposit fee and the balance will be returned to the potential buyer the next working day after your notice of cooling off period expires.

Buying your first low loader trailer can be really stressful and leave you mentally drained. Before you make a final purchase, ask a mechanic to check the trailer’s overall condition. Don’t be pressured of closing a deal just to get a discount. Remember, this is a major investment that requires careful analysis.

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