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Flat Top TrailerTrailer


A Flat Top Trailer has a flattened open area for transporting load while connected to trucks or dollies.  The sides have no barriers and they are provided with three axles at the rear.  These vehicles can be utilised for various freight tasks.  Because they are constructed simply, they are more affordable than other types of trailers.


Flat tops are just one of the many trucks that ply the roads in Australia to ensure that Australian people have access to products they need.  Low population density and long distances between areas make the country heavily dependent on road freight.  This makes the transport industry a big player in the country’s prosperity.  There are more than 46,000 registered trucking businesses in the country, with more than 500,000 trucks on the road travelling locally or between states.  This means that every truck owner or operator needs to optimise operations to remain competitive while managing the many risks the business is exposed to.


Today, road freight transport is not just bringing cargo from one destination to another.  75% of goods found on supermarket shelves are carried by road freight. The industry employs more than 246,000 Australians.  These impressive figures only serve to emphasise the massive responsibility of every truck owner or operator and the huge risks taken in performing this responsibility.


No matter how carefully you plan or monitor your operations, the roads are full of accidents just waiting to happen.  Will you have enough funds for an accident claim for many thousands of dollars?  Add legal expenses, driver injuries and property damage and your bottom line can be wiped out.


With the right Flat Top Trailer Insurance cover, you can be assured that your operations will continue in the event that the unimaginable happens.  We provide truck and trailer insurance solutions Australia wide that are tailored to your needs and your budget.


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