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Fleet Insurance

Fleet Insurance

Fleet InsuranceMost businesses use commercial vehicles for their daily operations. These vehicles are a valuable asset of the business and must be insured. For commercial vehicle insurance, it is possible to get a motor vehicle insurance policy for each vehicle or to cover all of them with one comprehensive fleet insurance policy.

Fleet car insurance has more benefits than individual vehicle insurance. You can avoid dealing with different insurance policies and stay away from issues that may arise while handling different policies or insurers. It is also easier to manage because you have only one renewal date for your insurance policy and the same process for filing claims.

Many fleet insurance policies also provide cover for the driver, which is critical. You can save a lot of both time and money when covering all your vehicles in a single policy. The one premium will be less than the combined cost of single insurance policies.
We offer broader cover considering the following:

  • Scope of operations
  • Type of cargo being transported
  • History of accidents
  • Size of fleet and composition
  • Fleet size variations

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