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Forklift Insurance

Forklift Insurance

Forklifts are powered trucks for lifting and moving materials. They are typically used in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, construction sites, and wharfs. They have prong-like attachments inserted beneath the load for lifting and raising it above the ground using a mast that can be tilted to transfer the centre of gravity. When the load is lifted, it can then be moved by the operator to a new location.

There are various types, sizes and applications for forklifts. Some are small and hand-held, others are large motorized trucks that can be operated from inside a cab and can lift a large amount of load.

Depending on how you use a forklift in your operations, you would face different risks that can be managed by the right insurance cover. Large motorized trucks would have larger load capacities and may be operating in high risk environments such as construction sites and wharfs. No matter what type of operations you engage in, we can provide you with the best insurance cover Australia wide.

Property, health, disability, and equipment, together with potential loss of income, are major concerns of most business owners. They can be overwhelming to think about and finding the best insurance cover may not be easy.

Backed by many years of experience in providing insurance for trucks and heavy equipment and machinery, we are knowledgeable about your type of business and the risks you face. We can offer you the most innovative insurance solutions that match your business needs and your budget.

Call us today at Truck Insurance HQ on 1300 815 344 for expert advice on your business insurance needs. You can also go online to request a quote to obtain the most affordable insurance quotes from leading insurers in Australia for your Forklift Insurance.