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Halloween HailstormsAround this time of year, we typically experience Halloween hailstorms, which are often accompanied by thunderstorms and significant hail. These storms add an unexpected twist to Halloween, creating a spooky and challenging environment for both insurers and homeowners.

Last year’s Halloween hailstorm was particularly devastating, causing massive losses totaling $1.08 billion. As of now, claims triggered by the hailstorm are almost 90% resolved, yet new claims continue to flow in as we approach the anniversary of last year’s event. The process of finalizing these claims has been challenging due to a shortage of tradesmen, timber, building essentials, and COVID-19 border restrictions.

Finalising claims has been challenging at times with a shortage of tradesman, timber and building essentials and COVID-19 border restrictions.

According to the Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) –

“More than 44,000 claims for storm and hail damage from the October 31 extreme weather in Queensland have been lodged, with about 1000 submitted in the past eight weeks.”

With the Bureau of Meteorology predicting widespread flooding and tropical cyclones in the months to come, Insurers are racing against time to catchup on processing current claims before there are more to come!

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