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Buying heavy equipment like a Harvester can be quite expensive. If you want to make sure this heavy equipment remains in top shape for the continued operation of your business, follow these harvester insurance provider tips on how to maintain the excellent condition of your heavy equipment.

Tip #1 – Perform regular cleaning

One of the quickest solutions to ensure your heavy equipment is as good as new is to perform regular cleaning. Why? Keep in mind that as you use the harvester for daily business operations, all sorts of dirt, dust, mud, and other external elements found in our environment could accumulate and eventually lead to rust formation as well as increased wear and tear. I advise you to regularly to schedule a particular day to thoroughly clean the heavy equipment. Make sure all parts exposed to dirt, mud, grease, and dust are given attention. Use this time to inspect which parts of your harvester may require repair or replacement.

Tip #2 – Invest in quality lubricants

Lubricants prolong the service of your harvester and prevent wear and tear problems arising sooner than expected. It is strongly recommended that you invest in quality lubricants ideal for your heavy equipment. If you aren’t sure what type of lubricant should be used for your harvester, check on your manufacturer’s care instruction manual and you are sure to find the recommended cleaning as well as lubricating products.

Tip #3 – Check the electrical wires

Your harvester may comprise electrical wires that are prone to wear and tear when exposed to dust, dirt, mud and even water. Check if the electrical wires of your heavy equipment need replacement to avoid accidents or breakdown when in use.

Tip #4 – Build proper storage

Your heavy equipment is a huge investment and it’s a must that you store it in a safe and secure area to prevent potential theft, vandalism or exposure to extreme weather conditions. Storing your harvester properly is an effective way to lower the cost of your harvester insurance policy.

Tip #5 – Know the limitations of your heavy equipment

Even if you bought a top-performing brand of the harvester unit, it’s still imperative that you know the limitations of your equipment. If the manufacturer’s manual suggests it should only be used by a highly trained operator to ensure that no harm, potential damage to property or a third party will arise, follow this advice strictly and avoid filing a harvester insurance claim.

Tip #6 – Insure your heavy equipment

Lastly, don’t forget to insure your heavy equipment after purchase to protect it against unavoidable events that could result in damage, injury and loss. If you aren’t aware which type of protection to apply when buying your harvester insurance policy, talk to a licensed insurance broker and get professional advice.

Increasing the life expectancy of your heavy equipment is one of the most effective strategies to safeguard your investment. Apart from following the required care and maintenance, it’s still best for your added protection and peace of mind, that you cover this unit with a comprehensive harvester insurance policy.

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