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186626-1The demand for the food grains are increasing with the growth of the world population. Agriculture businesses have become a major and essential part of Australia’s national domestic and export industries. To meet the demands of the 21st century, production has to happen at a faster pace than ever before. With the indispensable use of modern machinery and heavy equipment to harvest crops and trucks to transport grain products, agricultural enterprises can meet those demands.

The harvester is a machine that harvests grain crops and has long been considered to be one of the most economically important labour-saving devices used in farming industries. The combine harvester provides the substantial advantage of engaging less manpower to carry out particular agricultural activities. The header enhances the features of the combine harvester. There are different types of headers designed to handle a range of environments and crop conditions, but all are used to maximize time in the field, grain handling and production.

To achieve maximum crop yields, the best machinery, tractors and trucks are essential as well a skilled workforce to handle the equipment. However, you may still face certain calamities that are totally unpredictable and this means you need a reliable insurance plan that includes agricultural trucks used in all situations.

Why agricultural truck insurance is important

A tailored insurance policy can include:

  • Medical payments: if your truck driver is injured in a work related accident, your insurance covers the associated medical bills and expenses. This insurance option is useful because it pays benefits no matter who was at fault for the accident.

  • Refrigeration failure: this provides coverage for cargo loss caused by breakdown, electrical or mechanical failure, or the failure of refrigeration temperature control unit.

  • Loading and unloading: this provides coverage for damage or delays occurred when the commodity is being loaded and unloaded.

  • Pollution risk: whilst there are environmental and safety regulations regarding the application of farm fertilizers and sprays, it is valuable to be insured for the risks associated with their use.

  • Pollution liability: the insurance covers the costs associated with the clean-up of hazardous spillage from the cargo at the time of a transporter accident.

  • Collision & Comprehensive: this clause protects your tractor, trailer and refrigeration system from theft, damage, collision, fire, and related incidents.

  • Rental insurance: this cover pays for the temporary replacement of your vehicle if the tractor or truck’s condition requires repairs following an accident.

  • Debris removal: provides coverage for the reasonable and necessary clean-up costs to remove debris caused by and resulting from, an insured incident.

  • Cargo insurance: this insurance pays for the damage to or loss of your cargo.

  • Accessory insurance: this covers the theft or loss of expensive accessories like a mileage meter, navigation unit, radio, gear box etc. Accessory insurance only includes the extra equipment that you personally have installed in your truck. Please note that it never covers the basic components already available in the truck at the time of purchase. Later you may have installed a GPS navigator tool or an automated weighing machine device and these are included in your accessory insurance list.

  • Towing cost: this cover pays the costs incurred to tow the vehicle from the location of the accident.

Trust the expertise of professionals with years of insurance industry experience and enjoy the invaluable benefits of insuring your property. Connect with a specialist known for header/harvest insurance in your area. When it comes to insuring your agricultural trucking business, always trust the experts for the best services.

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