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heavy truck insurance

The trucking industry is a very significant player in Australia’s economy.  Since the country has a low population density and long distance markets, people in the country depend on road freight for their business and personal needs. The Australian trucking industry is behind almost every item on our supermarket shelves or about ¾ of the country’s domestic freight. SO! To reduce the risk of accidents you should obtain a heavy truck insurance!

There are more than 500,000 trucks operating on Australian roads, all in varying sizes and configurations designed to meet the market’s demands. Due to the high demand for goods to be transported from A to B, there are necessitates the need for new and up to date trucking equipment.

Heavy Truck Insurance 2022

When it comes to trucks, heavy rigid vehicles such as truck trailer combinations and articulated trucks tend to come with higher risks than more standard trucks.  An operator, whether you have one truck or a fleet of trucks, identifying the potential risks to your business would help you when considering the heavy truck insurance you need. We all know that accidents can happen at anytime, and the smartest business move you can make is to have the right insurance policy to protect your business against financial risk.

When transporting loads by road within Australia, an operator must comply with Regulations relating to the safety and well-being of the public together with environmental concerns. As stated previously, the expenses that an accident claim can amount to can be so tremendous that it can negatively impact a company’s cash flow and operations. However with the right heavy truck insurance, you can beat these odds.

Here at Truck Insurance HQ our brokers specialize in heavy truck insurance and are in fact, leaders and specialists in the truck and transport insurance industry. Our brokers are available to provide you with the best advice possible and to provide you with competitive truck insurance quotes.  You can then rest easy knowing your business is covered should the unforeseen occur. Call us today on 1300 815 344 or go online to request a quote!