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The first thing you want to know is if we offer cover for all types of high-risk cargo and the answer is yes we do.
As you can understand by the name alone, many insurers don’t like to or no longer write high-risk insurance policies but here at Truck Insurance HQ, it is our specialty. If you’re looking for an urgent quote, give one our friendly & multi-award winning brokers a call now on  1300 815 344 and we’ll see what we can do for you.High Risk Truck Insurance

What activities are considered high risk for transportation? 

  • Dangerous Goods (eg. fuels, chemicals, compressed gasses, fireworks)
  • High Valued Goods (Jewelry, Artwork)
  • Logging
  • Livestock
  • Oversized Goods (eg. Home removal/transportation)
  • Temperature Controlled/Refrigerated Goods

Other factors that can constitute the need for a High-Risk Truck Insurance policy

  • If you’re a young or inexperienced driver (under 2 years experience)
  • If you have a poor claims history
  • If you’re undertaking activities that are outside the standard scope.
  • If the owner or driver had a criminal record
  • bankruptcy
  • liquidation

We can secure you high-risk truck insurance cover, even if you have a poor claims history. 

We have extensive experience working with people who have a bad claims history.
Whilst most insurers cannot cover high-risk cargo policies, we specialise in it, and we’ve been able to help people who have never been able to secure coverage in the past. What you require is a broker who knows how to present your record in the right way, and we’ve had years of experience with this.
This is why we do what we do, and we’ve spent over a decade building relationships with, and negotiating competitive premiums with our insurance partners for you.

If you believe you require a high-risk truck insurance policy or you’re unsure about what type of policy you require, give our friendly multi-award winning team a call on 1300 815 344  or request a HERE. We will be happy to answer any questions you have and secure cover tailored to you and your specific business needs.
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