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Quarry Machinery

Is your business involved in mining precious metals and fuels? If yes, and you own a good number of quarry machines like trucks and other commercial heavy-duty vehicles used in various mining activities, I strongly recommend you find the perfect business quarry machinery insurance policy. Why? This is one of the most effective ways to ensure your business and quarry machinery units are protected against unforeseen events that could result in loss of profit.

Introduction to mining insurance

Mining insurance is a special type of business insurance policy intended to offer protection to anyone whose business is in the mining and quarrying industry. Its protection coverage may include liability, and property and business earnings, so the business owner can focus on other aspects of the business’ general operation. Depending on the complexities of your quarry machinery insurance needs, you have the chance to secure the perfect protection coverage.

What are the various types of protection your business quarry machinery insurance covers?

One of the biggest concerns of mining and quarrying business operators is the liability from a third party that could lead to the filing of a lawsuit. If you are really concerned about extending the right protection coverage for any liability issue, these are some of the common types of protection you can apply in your quarry machinery insurance policy:

  • Environmental liability

Undertaking mining or quarrying may expose you to environment damage, like causing pollution. Environmental liability coverage offers protection to areas where you will need it most, such as litigation fees of a legal representative as well as the cleanup requirements to remove any harmful pollutants caused by your mining or quarrying.

  • Commercial vehicle liability

As part of your mining or quarrying operation is the dispatch of fleet vehicles like quarry trucks, business-owned vehicles and other heavy machinery tractors and trailers. These vehicles and heavy machinery equipment are also exposed to potential damage, loss, or accidents to the operator, workers in the field and even a third party. Commercial vehicle liability cover will offer protection to all these fleet of vehicles when without warning, that unavoidable incident happens.

What other protection can you add to your quarry machinery insurance policy?

Other categories of insurance protection coverage can be added to your current quarry machinery insurance policy and may include the following:

  • Boiler and machinery

This type of protection is intended for costly machinery units used for mining and quarrying. The protection extends to the regular maintenance requirements to keep the machinery in excellent condition, such as the boiler inspection, sprinkler inspection and other repair or replacement requirements after a major breakdown.

  • Cargo coverage

In the event you are using a special type of quarrying machinery or vehicle to carry and transport materials gathered from your quarrying activity, you can add cargo protection coverage and get support in incidents where cargo is damaged in during transport.

Understand the real insurance protection needs of your quarry machinery and consult an insurer whose focus is quarry machinery insurance policies and finding the perfect insurance appropriate for your mining or quarrying business.

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