How to Simplify Your Truck Insurance Claim Process?

How to Simplify Your Truck Insurance Claim Process

Whether you have a small or medium-sized transportation business, your vehicles and the workforce are important assets. You can’t even think of serving your customers without them. So, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your workers and that your vehicles are in good working condition.

However, unfortunately accidents sometimes happen without warning and cause significant damage to the driver and/or vehicle. As a result, this can cause stress on a business and create reduced income with a truck and/or driver being off the road. This is where truck insurance or commercial vehicle insurance comes into play.

Having the right truck insurance policy helps you protect your workers from the consequences they might face, especially if they are at fault. The right policy can also ensure you are able to claim vehicle damage and save a huge amount of money that you might have to spend on vehicle maintenance.

If you are looking to buy a truck insurance policy and seeking the best truck insurance brokers in Australia, you can trust Truck Insurance HQ. And if you have a policy and need to make a claim we can tell you about the claim process and how long it will take to get your claim processed and finalized.

How to file an insurance claim and How long will the insurer take to accept it?

Filing a worker compensation claim is not an easy task as you don’t deal with such situations frequently in your life. So, we will tell you how to make your claim process simple.

If you’re someone who has been injured while at work and claiming compensation, the timing is really of paramount importance to you.

The first rule of thumb when filing a claim is to inform your employer immediately. If your injury results in you needing time off work, you must consult your GP and obtain a Workers Compensation Certificate.

Now you’re laid up at home with your Certificate – so what’s next? You need to complete a Worker’s Injury Claim form and provide a copy of this and your Workers Compensation Certificate to your employer. Don’t forget to keep a copy of these for your records. 

Now, your employer is required by law to provide these documents to the insurer and must do so within 7-days of receiving the documentation.

What happens next?

Now your insurer will assess whether the provided information is sufficient. If not, they will ask you to provide some additional information. Once they have reviewed all the information, they will make a decision.

Remember that if you can’t work due to the injury you sustained, the insurance provider must start provisional weekly compensation payments within seven days. 

If you have suffered a workplace injury and have made a claim for worker’s compensation benefits, be aware of the strict timeframes the insurer must adhere to.

Please note that there are instances where an insurer will claim they have a reasonable excuse not to start provisional payments, putting the injured person under financial duress.

How to claim vehicle compensation?

In order to claim for vehicle damage, you have to provide all the information to the insurer. Now, the insurance companies have an established panel of licensed assessors who inspect the damage.

After the inspection process is over and the information reviewed, the insurer will decide whether they will accept your commercial vehicle compensation claim or not.

Usually, it takes 21-days for the insurer to complete all the required paper work and other formalities. However, in some instances, insurers can take longer than the stipulated 21-days, depending on the complexity of your claim.

Now, if your insurer decides in your favor, your insurer will proceed further to settle your claim. If the repair cost exceeds the cost of your vehicle, they will pay you the full amount of your vehicle. Otherwise, they will pay you the maintenance cost.

What if no decision is made?

If the insurer has made no decision on where to accept your claim within the required 21-day timeframe, it would be wise to obtain legal advice on how to proceed.

The Bottom Line

The vehicle insurance claim process comprises several complex steps. However, having the right truck insurance policy can save you from financial loss. Hence, it is always wise to choose a reliable truck insurance broker in Australia like Truck Insurance HQ who can discuss your needs up front, obtain the right insurance at the right price and monitor your insurance needs over time.  They can also guide you through the claim process if required.