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Income Protection InsuranceIs disaster recovery of importance to a truck owner driver in Australia? Considered as a small business owner as they contract services on their own, truck owner drivers have a lot on their plate when it comes to the rising occurrence of cyclones, flooding and bushfire in Australia. Many of them have insurance for their vehicles with some obtaining income protection insurance for owner driver Australia truckies, however, don’t take that much attention to disaster preparedness.

Unlike large fleet owners, these truckies will be facing an uphill battle as they do not have a strong source of capital to replace an equipment in the event of a disaster. Even a few days of absence due to an illness or injury brought by it could doom their jobs or projects, or their lives as a whole. What can a truck owner driver do? How can he or she put together a dependable disaster recovery plan? To get you started, here are some tips to remember:

  • Always have a plan in place and do monthly updating as well. The world is changing and disasters therein are also evolving. Cyclone categories become much harsher. Riverine flooding is no longer just the sole source of such disaster in various territories but more so the rising ocean level and inadequate drainage systems. As more and more issues crop up due to climate change and global warming, truck owner drivers must always find time to review their plans every now and then to guarantee keeping up with such issues.

  • Instill best work practices and safety management as top priorities. You need to understand that taking a systematic approach to your job or business will help outline an easy and more effective path for your success. The idea is for you to carve the best and safest processes to handle each key trucking activity. Being consistent on this approach do not only reduce the risks involved in your job but also reduces the cost of problems at a later time. As always, these aspects are pointed in such a way that it will positively influence your trucking endeavors.

  • Consider business impact analysis. It does not have to be over the top. The key is to simply understand what you can do if you cannot do the usual driving activities due to a perceived disaster. This is one way to prevent complete shutdown but rather on keep your trucking endeavors working amid horrid realities.

  • Build a network of connection– the reliable ones. Make good use of tech-savvy apps in keeping this mission. Compile list of contact persons with phone numbers, emails, social media or website pages, and so on. Involve also business partners, co-workers and co-contractors. Building reciprocal relationships can ultimately be beneficial in the long run.

  • Always take time to review your insurance policies. A truck driver may have 2 or more insurance policies in his lifetime to contend with. This is where you can freely leverage you financial planner or your insurance broker’s expertise.

There is no way to prevent a disaster. Such is the harsh reality on this world. But whether it’s natural or man-made, your primary goal should be this: to minimize its impact. Having a disaster recovery plan is meant to not only save your trucking job or business, but more so in saving lives. For any information on income protection insurance for owner driver Australia, call us or send us a request for a consultation.

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