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Insurance For Short Haul TruckIs short haul driving much safer than long haul ones? Are drivers better compensated with this type of job? Will an income protection insurance be needed or should we say, can it deliver the same benefits? Many local industries and companies today tend to contract short haul truck drivers to assist in their business needs. This makes truckies shift to lighter vehicles instead of the usual mean machines they drive for hours or days on the road. While travel time and destination may have been minimized, certain risks are still observed in terms of stress, fatigue, and time pressure as well as inattentiveness or recklessness.

Perks of Short Haul Truck Driving

Truth be told, many long haul truckies shifted to short-haul driving in the past year for the purported advantages it brings. Short haul, you see, will only limit their travel to approximately 150 to 500 miles for regional tasks and local work for up to 100miles or so. This gives large trucking businesses a more cost-effective approach as they can simply set-up multiple depots or pit stops while keeping their truckies right where they need them.

For short haul truckies, this means more time for their loved ones as driving hours are lessened. They will also be going around familiar roads and highways making each trip less stressful. In some cases, truckies can be given dedicated trips thus, allowing them a more predictable/stable schedule that doesn’t require as much lifestyle adjustments. Generally, short haul truck driving tend to promote better quality of life, more stable driving experience and a sense of security to truckies.


With more and more truckies shifting to short haul driving, however, the supply tend to overthrow the demand. As a result, many truckies are left idle with no jobs. With no income protection in place, this creates a ripple effect to local economies as more and more issues creep up to families affected by this imbalance. An in-depth look will also point out that short haul truck driving may not be as lucrative after all– to truckies themselves.

In a short-term perspective, short runs may sound appealing. For long term perspective, however, it may not be so. Aside from inconsistent work, it is more seasonal in nature. Delivery runs, though constantly debated upon, seem to be no different at all with that of long-haul truck driving after all. The sad reality is that, the pay is also lesser. When an unforeseen circumstance happens, that’s when realization starts setting in.

In A Nutshell

Keep in mind that this particular transportation market is quite volatile in nature. Add to that the usual risks and hazards of the job– and you have a solid ground for ensuring that you and your family is protected in times when there’s no run to hit and bills are mounting up.

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Income protection insurance for short haul truck driver Australia online.

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Cheap income protection insurance for short haul truck driver Australia.

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