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Liability Insurance

Truck Insurance HQ can assist you with all your transport liability insurance needs with access to the largest range of general and liability specialist insurance companies in Australia.

Many businesses in the transport sector wrongly assume that they do not have a need for liability insurance, and many non-specialist brokers also wrongly advise clients that the liability associated with a comprehensive vehicle insurance is all that is needed, unfortunately this is not true.

The liability insurance provided by comprehensive motor insurance only covers the use or operation of a vehicle, so any claim which occurs that is not related to the use or operation of the vehicle is not covered.

Examples of liability insurance claims Truck Insurance HQ have seen include:

  • Drivers walking grease in on carpet.

  • Removalists using trolleys which have scratched timber floors.

  • Packages being left causing person to trip and sustain injury.

  • Driver securing load and injuring yard worker whilst throwing ratchet strap over load.

  • Bobcat operator leaving ramps on nature strip and postie riding bike into sustaining injury.

  • Tipper operator dumping load with dust going onto adjacent freshly painted property, causing additional painting to be undertaken.

  • Driver guiding another driver into a tight space with collision happening.

Whilst the risks of a claim are small, the premiums are also small for most operators.

To see how cheap truck liability can be, and the benefits of dealing with a specialist truck liability insurance broker, contact us on 1300 815 344 or online HERE.


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