Multi trailer insurance


Double or tandem trailers have two axels and are more suitable for manoeuvring heavier goods or towing over long distances. They usually have a better suspension than single axle trailers and are more stable to tow at highway speeds. That said, there are always risks involved when towing any type of trailer.

What does double axle trailer insurance cover?

Double Axle Trailer Insurance is usually broken down into three categories: comprehensive cover; third party, fire and theft cover; and third party property damage trailer insurance. Comprehensive cover is the most reliable option as it may cover a broad range of events including:

  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Fire
  • Accidental damage
  • Storms
  • Flood
  • Explosions
  • Legal liability

Depending on the policy, comprehensive cover may cover the costs of hiring a replacement trailer, repairs, clean up costs and more.

The cost of Double Axle Trailer Insurance varies depending on the type and value of your trailer, business activities, drivers’ age and claims history, location and cover options.

Get a Double Axle Trailer Insurance Quote Today

There are many different types of trailer insurance depending on your industry, business activities and risks. Truck Insurance HQ can find the right insurance solutions at competitive prices. Get in touch with our specialist brokers on 1300 815 344 to discuss your options. You can also request a quote online.


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