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4afa36785a7f59537c3cf8a246bbeb971Kenworth Truck Insurance


Kenworth trucks are hard-working and dependable even in the harshest conditions in any region in Australia.  For this reason, truck owners rely on Kenworth’s to do the job.  For heavy haulage jobs, Kenworth trucks are on the road daily for the last 40 years or more, forever changing the landscape of Australian road trucking.


As a Kenworth owner, you want to make sure to have only the best insurance for your trucking needs.  Since these trucks are used in grueling conditions with dangerous risks, the right insurance package will ensure that you and your business are protected from those risks.


It’s not enough to have the right truck to do the job. It is imperative to have in place the right insurance as well.  As a leading truck insurance provider, we can tailor solutions for your business that allows you to deliver on your commitments without worrying about accidents, lawsuits or fines.  It pays to deal with an insurance company that knows your industry and is straight-forward when it comes to protecting your interests.


Get the smart insurance for your Kenworth trucks today from Truck Insurance HQ as we are market leaders in truck and transport insurance. Request for a quote online or talk to our specialist consultants on 1300 815 344 for tailored solutions for your trucking business.