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Livelihood ProtectionIs livelihood protection a must for truck drivers? Without a doubt, each type of insurance system being made has its own significance. So much more so for truck drivers who are bombarded with risks day in and day out. From the moment they set out for a trucking commitment, truckies have to fend off not just collisions, crashes and other traffic issues but also inclement weather events. Notwithstanding the fact that these truckies also have homes exposed to the hazards brought by climate change and global warming.

Climate Change And Global Warming

The activities within the 54 natural resource management regions of Australia are known to be vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and global warming. What used to be limited to agriculture, infrastructure, and coastal industries, the hazards brought by these phenomena have continually spread throughout the various economic facets of the country– and with devastating consequences at that.

Human-induced climate change, a widely debated subject, is known to be a leading precursor in environmental devastation. The various coal pits surrounding many regions and other “unhealthy” activities continue to erode the natural beauty of the country leaving it vulnerable to such threats. From flooding to rising sea levels, bushfires, heatwave, rising of incurable and communicable diseases, and so on– the ill effects of these phenomena also significantly make everyone vulnerable. So much more so truckies, who are considered on the low-income bracket and are often on the road.

Livelihood Protection For Truckies

Reminiscent to underdeveloped countries’ calamity funds, the main idea behind a livelihood protection program is to provide fast and efficient cash payouts to insured individuals or households. This is crafted to ensure better and swifter response to various weather-related threats putting truckies in direct line of fire from devastating circumstances. Each livelihood protection policy, however, is quite unique. Some insurers offer cover for hurricanes and tropical storms while others include flooding, tornado, and other extreme weather conditions.

Truckies being considered part of the low-income threshold will benefit largely from this program. Most truck driver households rely greatly on steady flow of daily or weekly income from trucking activities. When unfavorable weather conditions occur, these activities will not only hamper their earnings but more so to properties which may be ruined in the process. With appropriate livelihood protection cover, a low-income household can have a higher chance of gaining back its footing following a disaster. Of course, other safety nets like income protection, critical illness and accident insurance, and so on will also make a wise investment like this one.

Important Considerations

The idea behind livelihood protection program intended for truckies is quite straightforward. That is, it provides cushion for both truckies and their families from the impacts of natural or man-made calamities leading to destruction of properties. While most truck drivers may have some form of vehicle insurance to cover accidents on the road, subsequent cover for flood, typhoon and other disasters to their homes can be far-fetch. With Australia continually being prone to extreme weather events, it is only fitting that you find the right provider of such protective element to ensure safety net for your trucking activities, for your vehicle, for your personal properties and for the welfare of the whole household.

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