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Log Skidder Insurance

A log skidder drags felled trees from locations, usually forests. As an extremely powerful tractor, it is equipped with a winch used for dragging logs, a steel guard at the rear to protect the wheels and an enclosure for the driver’s protection.

Log skidders are also used for pulling out tree stumps and for pushing over small trees.

Truck and heavy equipment drivers in Australia are well trained and pride themselves on getting their work done safely. They take the utmost care in what they do and are concerned with the well-being of the general public. Despite safety precautions, accidents do happen. On top of this, compliance with government regulations is also necessary for all operators. With the right insurance, your business can be poised to handle whatever happens, with a minimum negative impact on your finances.

A single accident can cause you thousands of dollars in fines, driver injuries, and other liabilities. When you are covered with the right insurance, you can be sure that the business continues to run smoothly even when the unthinkable happens.

Don’t risk your business and your future. Be covered 24/7 with affordable insurance policies that meet your business needs.

Truck Insurance HQ has a specialist team of brokers ready to help you and provide advice and competitive quotes on insurance for your Log Skidder Insurance. Give our team a call on 1300 815 344 or go online now and request a quote.