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Mobile Light Tower Insurance

A mobile light tower is generally powered by diesel. They can be towed into temporary locations to provide lighting. Another advantage is that it can be used for plugging into sockets for other tools and electrical devices.

Construction sites, mining sites and other work areas that operate at night use mobile light towers to make vehicle and human operations safer.

A business that uses a mobile light tower will require effective insurance cover to protect it from certain risks on the job. Before operations, you must ensure that the work area is hazard free. Risk control measures must be taken and equipment checked to ensure they work properly. Regardless of these safety precautions, accidents do happen.

When something unforeseen occurs, as a business owner you need to have the best risk management tool at your disposal. With an effective insurance cover, you have 24/7 protection from all risks you are exposed to.

Your business can be safe from financial losses from lawsuits, accident and other liability claims. We offer the most innovative insurance solutions for the construction and mining sectors. Compare insurance costs and you will see why we continue one of the leading insurance providers in Australia.

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