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Motor Truck Cargo Insurance Benefits

What is cargo insurance?

For trucking companies, cargo insurance is an important part of the business. The transport of cargo is central to its operations and truckers need to protect and ensure that the goods arrive at their destination safely.

Unfortunately, accidents and other unforeseen events can happen. Cargo may get damaged or lost. A trucking company can be held accountable for the damages sustained especially when the cargo is for another party. If the trucking company is carrying valuable cargo, this expense could run up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Trucking companies purchase cargo insurance for protection for several reasons. If the trucker is at fault, his company will be liable for the damage to the cargo. A trucking company’s operation can be crippled by a huge expense and could even shut down operations.

If another driver is at fault, he can be held liable for the damage to the cargo. The problem is that many drivers are insufficiently insured for this kind of damage. When this happens, the burden could get passed on to the trucking company, leaving it with an enormous debt.

Cargo insurance companies offer comprehensive cargo insurance to prevent this from happening. It covers truck drivers and their employers when a driver is to blame for an accident. Some policies also cover trucking companies for accidents when the other motorist is at fault but is under-insured.

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